Get Federal Funding

for Teachers in Your District

A $3.5 million efficacy trial funded by the US Department of Education was just completed with very favorable results but the study was conducted only in Maine.  We are now recruiting districts to participate in a study similar to the study in Maine but  this time with larger, more diverse, districts.  Work with us to get the benefits of immediate feedback for your middle school students on their homework and classwork.  In order for your district to qualify you must be implementing a 1:1 technology program and you must let 7th grade students take the devices (i.e., Chromebooks, iPads, laptops) home during the 2017-18 school year.  Note: students don't need data plans, as ASSISTments works off line; students can download their assignments before they leave school, and it will upload when they connect to the wifi at school the next day. The ASSISTments platform is designed to work with each district's current curriculum, there is no need for teachers to change the textbook they are using.  Federal funding will be used not only to pay your participating teachers to receive training/support throughout the study but  also to have their textbooks/homework built into ASSISTments, thus enabling them to continue to use their current academic resources.

If your district qualifies and you are interested go to contact-us. There you can fill out the form allowing our outside evaluator to send you the application for your schools to formally apply. Share what you found here, we are excited for others to learn about our project, we just received great press from US News and World Report .

Results from the $3.5 million efficacy trial

The US Department of Education funded SRI to conduct a large scale randomized controlled trial. The trial compared existing methods for homework to the use of ASSISTments as a homework tool.  In both conditions teachers were able to use their existing textbooks. What makes ASSISTments different is that students get feedback as they work and teachers get reports that change the way they review homework. Students in both conditions were given the TerraNova test at the end of one school year and while average American student normally improves by 11 points but students using ASSISTments had an average improvement of 20 points. ASSISTments almost doubled student learning.

SRI reported three main findings.  1) Teachers reliably changed their homework review: They reviewed fewer problems, in more depth; they targeted problems that were hard; they addressed student errors explicitly. 2) Standardized test scores went up by 75%. 3)  ASSISTments closed achievement  gaps, the students who in the prior years math test were below the median learned even more. This was such an important result that SRI was invited to the White House in Oct 2016 to present on this work. Read the study now. 

The grant will pay to put YOUR district's resources online and train teachers

The Grant will pay for WPI to take your district's adopted homework materials (i.e., textbooks, worksheets etc) and put the answers into the platform so that students can get immediate feedback and teachers get reports. We do this in a way that does not violate the textbook publisher’s copyright, ASSISTments only references the textbooks it does not publish the the questions (unless the book is open source like Utah MathEngageNY/Eureka or OpenUp/Illustrative). Teachers will get training on how to use the tool and personal coaching to help them get started.

What does it mean to have a book built directly into ASSISTments without infringing on the copyright of the book?  Watch the steps for how not only we do it but also how you could build your own book into ASSISTments

Why is ASSISTments Free?

ASSISTments is free for two reasons. First ASSISTments is designed for educators to add content to the system, in order to get people to add questions and hints it must be free. This is similar to the idea behind Wikipedia,  if there was a charge for that system then no one would write and edit articles. The second reason is Dr Heffernan’s survival story over brain cancer, beating death at an early age made him want give back to the community.

What is ASSISTments?

ASSISTments is three things. It is Feedback: Students get feedback as they are working at home, they know if an answer is right or wrong and can go back and correct their work immediately.  Teachers no longer have to correct every homework item, the system gives them the data from homework as feedback to help them prepare for the next day's lesson. It is Flexible: Teachers can use our content, edit our content and create their own content. It is Free.  

To qualify your district must have a 1:1 technology program and the student need to be able to take the device home. Students do not need internet at home

Eligible districts must have a 1:1 technology plan with any type of internet device like Chormebooks, iPad, laptops etc.  7th grade students must be allowed to take the devices home so students can get feedback on their homework. ASSISTments can be downloaded at school for students without internet at home. Those students will get feedback as they go on the downloaded assignments and then their data will be uploaded and delivered to the teacher once they connect to the internet.  

Does this integrate with our LMS?

ASSISTments is integrated with learner management systems (LMS) like Google Classroom, Schoology, Edmodo and others. With this integration students do not need to create a new account, teachers can just send the ASSISTments assignments to the students through the LMS feed. This works for all the content in ASSISTments, work created from the textbook, existing skill practice content called Skill Builders or anything built by teachers to be used specifically with their students.  

1000 teachers used ASSISTments last year

Last year, 50,000 students used ASSISTments to solve 12 million problems.  Click on the map to find the name of school near you that is already using ASSISTments.  

Read about ASSISTments

Reports of ASSISTments have shown up in many media outlets.  NPR and the Boston Globe reported on how Dr. Heffernan's cancer inspired him to create a system and give it away for free.  The New York Times and Scientific American reported on the science that has been conducted by Dr. Heffernan at WPI.

Where did ASSISTments Come From?

Dr. Heffernan has been funded by over 15 million dollars in research funding and all of these grants together have created what is available in ASSISTments.

If your district qualifies and you are interested go to contact-us. There you can fill out the form allowing our outside evaluator to send you the application for your schools to formally apply. From there you can also find information on how to get in touch with us with questions.