Get Federal Funding

for Teachers in Your District

A $3.5 million efficacy trial funded by the US Department of Education was just completed with very favorable results but the study was conducted only in Maine.  We are now looking to conduct a study similar to the research in Maine but  this time with larger more diverse districts.  Become a partnering district so you can get the benefits of immediate feedback for your  middle school students on their homework and classwork.  

The ASSISTments platform is designed to work with each district's current curriculum (there is no need to change what textbook you are using).  Federal funding would be used not only to pay your participating teachers to receive training and support throughout the study but  also to have their textbooks/homework built into ASSISTments, thus enabling them to continue to use their current academic resources.

Results from the $3.5 Million Efficacy Trial

Training and Support for your teachers

Why is ASSISTments Free?

Letter of Support

We are requesting a letter of support from your district.  Sending us a letter support does not commit your district to participation. Instead it will help us to win the grant and it will also put your district at the top of the list to contact when we are recruiting districts to participate.  

To submit a letter, click on the link below and complete the areas highlighted in yellow.  When done email the letter to