US News & World Report - Read their article reporting on MIT's review of all Ed Tech. MIT researchers called ASSISTments on of the two most promising interventions in the US.

The New York Times Magazine - Read Annie Murphy Paul's story about the origins of ASSISTments and how it is helping students learn

Here & Now - Listen to Robin Young's interview Neil Heffernan, the co-creator of ASSISTments.

The Boston Globe - Read Yvonne Abraham's column about how Neil Heffernan's brain tumor fueled the birth of ASSISTments 

The Bangor Daily News - Read Nick McCrea's article about the Bangor schools participation in the homework efficacy study.

Scientific American - Read about ASSISTments ability to give an early warning system to schools about who is likely to be losing interest in STEM or who is in danger of not going to college.